The Arnold Fencing Classic, now a part of the Ascalon Sword Festival has been running since 2004 with only 2021 missing due to the pandemic. Below are links to the results for each year.

In 2003, Royal Arts Fencing Academy head coach and former Russian National Team fencer Julia Richey started the Arnold Fencing Classic. She became the chair and joined the Arnold Sports Festival. The event in 2004 was small but it grew to what it is today. At the time, Julia had only lived in this country for four years and formed her fencing club two years previously. Welcome to America!

In 2020, Ohio Governor DeWine nearly canceled the Arnold. At the time no one wore masks, there were only 30+ known cases in the US. In the end, the govenor allowed the sports to compete without spectators. Four days later, the state shut down.

The pandemic taught us a lot of things and revealed a lot of things. It showed the resilience of some things and the over dependency on others. With that, we now get to reboot the Arnold to this new thing for the future. We will grow it bigger and better than before. We love providing this great event for the fencing community and the world!

Past Results