2004 Arnold Results

The following are the results of the 2004 Arnold Fencing Classic:

Elite Competition:
1st Place: Predators
Sabre: Emily Jacobson
Sabre: Jason Rogers
Foil: Ann Marsh
Foil: Sergey Klimov
Epee: Brittany Leader
Epee: Sandro Dicori

2nd Place: Terminators
Sabre: Sada Jacobson
Sabre: Keeth Smart
Foil: Patricia Szelle
Foil: Anatolie Senic
Epee: Eleanor Leighton
Epee: Dick Richards

Youth Team Competitions

Youth Team Foil:
1st Place: Salle du Lion — Ryan Howell, Aundrey Becker, Richard Bowen
2nd Place: Three Rivers Fencing Club — Tristan Jackson, Josh Grill, Benjamin Jagger, Dani Bendickson

Youth Team Epee:
1st Place: Alcazar Boys — Cesare Evan Mainardi, Avery Mainardi, Cameron Helffrich
2nd Place: Alcazar Girls — Alex Dimeff, Rebecca Gilman, Liz Shinkle, Akosovo Kernizan

Youth Team Sabre:
1st Place: IndySabre — Ben Radding, Emerson Woerner, Jenna El-Amin
2nd Place: Fencing Alliance of Ohio — Nora Wells, Nick Kots, Alex Coccia

Senior Team Competitions

Senior Team Foil:
1st Place: Columbus Fencers Club — Joseph Streb Sr., Andy Tulleners, Joseph Streb Jr.
2nd Place: Univerisity of Rochester — Rob MacClaren, Darius Wei, Lowden Charles, Eric Dudley

Senior Team Epee:
1st Place: Hooked on Fencing — Walter Dragonetti, Zach Morell, Jim DeBonis
2nd Place: Renaissance Fencing Club

Senior Team Sabre:
1st Place: IndySabre — Ellen Kizik, Rachel Pickens, Jerry Adkins
2nd Place: Fencing Alliance of Ohio — Marina Karaujalis, Lillian Siebert, Aaron Nungester