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Olympic Fencing
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What about Arnold?

What About Arnold?

Since 2004, we have been a part of the Arnold Sports Festival, the largest multi-sport festival in the world. In 2022, USA Fencing is hosting a national tournament on Arnold weekend. NCAA is also hosting one. That makes it hard to get fencers, referees, etc.

In order to provide the best experience, we decided to move one week later. That means Arnold will not be at our event. The Ascalon Sword Festival is a festival of swordsmanships. There are no other sports and events that are not sword related.

That means hotels and parking will be much easier.

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Media Inquiries

We love the media. We have great things to offer with athletes competing in categorys from under 8 to 70+ year old veterans. We also have historical fencers, a Saturday Showcase, armored combat, and a chance for people to try fencing!

We invite all media to come check us out, interview our athletes and staff.

This tournament is run by Julia Richey, a 13-year member of the Russian National Team and chair of the Arnold Fencing Classic since 2004. She is always available to assist media.
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HEMA Inquiries

We strive to be as complete as possible in our information. Please see our HEMA information page for details on most of your questions. This page has answers to all questions about the venue, check-in, results, referees, travel, weapons, events, etc. What isn't there is in the rules. Please read them.
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If those sources do not answer your question, please .

Olympic Fencing

We strive to be as complete as possible in our information. Please see our Fencing Information Page for details on most of your questions. The answers to everything about the venue, schedule, check-in, results, travel, armory, etc is there. If it isn't? Please below or Go Back

Ascalon Sword Festival Vendors

We currently have Blue Gauntlet on site for Olympic Fencing needs and Royal Arts Fencing Academy for merchandise and apparel.

We have limited space available for vendors. If you are interested please complete the form below with your proposal. We need to know how much space you require, electrical needs, security information, what you intend to display/sell, and, of course, all the money issues.

We do want to know your security plan. This is a big event and our staff cannot be responsible for your booth or merchandise. We need to know your staffing plans and security procedures when you are not present.

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Ascalon Sword Festival Sponsors

Sponsoring our event is a great opportunity to get your brand out to thousands. We will be loaded with sport and historical fencers Friday through Sunday. Additionally, sponsors may be able to have their logo on our t-shirts and website. Our t-shirts are worn until they hang by a thread and worn around the world.

If you would like to sponsor our event, please start the dialog below, and we'll contact you.
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