Deed of Arms

This is a recreation of a historic deed or arms.
All those participating should be fully armored and their kit should based roughly between 1350 and 1490.
Registration is the same pricing as all other events. You must conform to all equipment regulations.

You must conform to all equipment requirements below. Read the entire document. By registering, you agree that you have the appropriate gear and are prepared for the conditions of the Deed of Arms.
This is a showcase event. If you have questions, please contact us and we'll try to answer them.

Details about the Ascalon Deed of Arms:

The Ascalon Deed of Arms is meant to be a recreation of a medieval tournament.

To Attend as a Combatant

Be armored on all points, have a kit between 1350 and 1490. A sword must not be able to get into your eye slots. (with a rubber tip) and other issues covered in the rules.

The Format

There will be two teams. A home team and a visiting team.

Members from the visiting team will pick a home team person to challenge.

The challenge is up to you: 3 passes with poleaxe, 1 sword, 1 spear, 1 longsword.
3 passes with a Dagger that is up to you within the limits of the rules.

The person who wins the greater number of passes, will win a point for their team.

This allows the crowd to cheer for the team they want to win. We will be trying to work the crowd.

That may not be possible depending on time. If there is extra time we may have a grand melee.


Medals to be awarded by vote, for example.

The people involved will vote for who they think is best. The Most worthy, among worthies.

The Crowd will get to vote on some awards by cheering. Best appearance, most entertaining fighter and others.

Be ready to spend 2 hours in kit on your feet. Snacks and Drinks will be available.

Full rules can be found here: Ascalon Deed of Arms Full Ruleset

I understand all the above material. I have all the required equipment, and I understand that participation is dependent on appropriate gear.