The 2019 Arnold Medals

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The Arnold Fencing Classic takes medaling very seriously. We love the ceremony of it. In addition to the medal ceremony music composed for us by Dr. Paul Geraci, we like to make sure our medals are something to remember you Arnold experience by.

Introducing the 2019 Arnold Fencing Classic medals...

It wouldn't be an Arnold medal if we didn't try to embed symbolism into the design. These 3.5" medals are going to weigh you down!

The outer ring, crossing lines, and loops are the cutting rosette. The heraldic rose at the center represents our hosts the Rose & Gold Foundation and Royal Arts. The six weapons fenced this year are placed on the spokes of the rosette: foil, epee, saber, longsword, rapier, and military saber. The weapons fenced as well as the events (Div1A, Div2, Vet, HEMA, etc) are engraved around the side of the medal. The pattern filling the rosette and the ribbon is a kholkloma pattern. Inside the khokloma is sixteen small roses for the Arnold 2018 being the 16th Arnold. And, of course, the font is the classic Conan the Barbarian font.

The reverse of the medal has the date and location of the tournament and Arnold Fencing Classic written in several languages. We'll let you figure out which ones. The blank space in the middle? That's for the plate that says you won whatever event you fence at the Arnold!

The ribbon of the first place medals says "There Can Be Only One."