The 2020 Arnold Medals

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The Arnold Fencing Classic takes medaling very seriously. We love the ceremony of it. In addition to the medal ceremony music composed for us by Dr. Paul Geraci, we like to make sure our medals are something to remember you Arnold experience by.

Introducing the 2020 Arnold Fencing Classic medals...

It wouldn't be an Arnold medal if we didn't try to embed symbolism into the design. These 3.5" medals are going to weigh you down!

You may not realize it, but every year has a theme. For 2020, the tagline is "Seeing is believing," and the theme is magic. The medal represents that theme.

This is the 17th Arnold Fencing Classic. Seventeen is a number that represents insight, responsibility, self-discipline, strength, wisdom, and a desire for peace for all humanity. There are seventeen bars representing the years. Underneath is the years of the Arnold along with the Roman numerals.

The heart of the medal is a mandala. A mandala or "circle" is a spiritual and ritual symbol of Eastern religions. It symoolizes the Universe. Embedded into the mandala is a diagram from rapier fencing schools of history, "Mathematical Demonstration of the Simple Compasses and All of the Parts."

The seven weapons fenced at the 2020 Arnold are also represented: foil, epee, saber, military saber, longsword, rapier, and lightsaber.

There are 46 dots spread throughout the medal symbolizing the 46 events of the Arnold Fencing Classic.

At the center is the eye. Seeing is believing with a gemstone iris. Sapphire for first place. Ruby for second. Diamond for third. Amber for 5th - 8th places.

The reverse of the medal has the date and location of the tournament, more patterns fitting the theme, and-- most important--a place to designate what event you won!

The edge of the medal lists all the weapons fenced and broad groupings.

The ribbon of the first place medals says "There Can Be Only One."