Ascalon Prize Fights

Saturday night fights are on!


As sword fighting shifted from necessary skill, schools needed to prove they were better than others. That prompted many a duel for the honor of the club or master. Along the way, prizefighting became a thing.

They fought for cash or a prize such as an olive wreath. This rich history led to multiple attempts to restart the ancient Olympic games before the modern Olympics inaugural event in 1896.

We still fight for prizes. Olympic medals have a long history of being partially gold, valuable throughout history. Currently, Olympic medals are 92.5% silver and gold plated. They are valued at $820 each in 2021.

We fight at tournaments for swords, certificates, etc.


Kvetun Armories, who makes swords that we love, sponsored awards for this tournament:

Custom Fiore Longsword

Rapier #2 with superb blade

Easton Saber

Gloves to your measurements

Большое спасибо, Кветунь!

You're also prize fighting for our medals. Not quite gold plated, but they are serious.

Historically, prizefights were often dirty and rampant with cheating. Swords were not always the weapon of choice. As a result, fights that were supposed to be about honor and art turned to injury and ego.

Over time prizefighting shifted away from fencing to boxing and now MMA. But we like history and want a little taste of it. Boxing and MMA get lots of attention, and there is a lot of money on the table. We think our sport is better and more artful.

On Saturday night at the Ascalon Sword Festival we offer a prizefight for a $1000 Training Grant. A prize fight with swords. A prize fight with respect and honor. It will be a demonstration of the best HEMA has to offer. Second place will get a $300 grant.

Travel expenses. Training expenses. It adds up. A sponsor donated the cash prizes for this express purpose.

Kvetun offered the weapon prizes to make your training the best.

Entry fees do not go to this. Hired staff are paid from tournament entries. The generous gift was to showcase HEMA to the world. Let's take them up on it!

We will fight with a more elegant weapon for this time, a time where we can rise above history to showcase our sport, our art, our science.

It's not uncommon to win weapons or certificates at a tournament. Even this one! What could be better than a bit of cash in your pocket for being the best?

Conditions & Rules

Earlier on Saturday is the Longsword Open tournament. The top 8 finishers from that event will automatically be seeded into the prizefight round of 8.

Royal Arts Fencing Academy is the host club of the Ascalon Sword Festival. No fighters from Royal Arts will be permitted into the prizefight round. If a Royal Arts fencer is in the top 8, they will be removed, and the list will cascade to the next highest fencer.

If a top-8 finisher cannot compete due to injury, the list will cascade to the next highest finisher.

The prizefight round will take place on the evening of Saturday, March 12. All fighters must be ready to go at the designated time.

There is no additional entry fee for the round. There are no medals for the prizefight round. You already got one!

The final will be done in the finals area with video commentary and live-streamed. If the schedule permits, other bouts in the round may be fenced in the finals area.

All penalties stated in the rules will be strictly enforced. We expect that fighters will be respectful and a good representation of the sport at the highest level to showcase to the world.

Regardless of medals, there can be only one winner at every tournament. The prizefight awards the best. There is only one award. Money. No second prize. No medals.

The winner will be required to be photographed and be interviewed on camera.