Scholarship Winners

The Columbus Rotary in partnered with the Arnold Sports Festival presents a $2500 scholarship to twelve different sports. Fencing was fortunate to be one of them.

The scholarship is on hold for 2022. We hope to have it return for 2023.

The scholarship winners:

2022 - NO AWARD
2021 - NO WINNER due to COVID
2020 - Simone Gorman, Westerville, OH
2019 - Aidan Buergin, Adamstown, MD
2018 - Julia McKenna, South Bend, IN
2017 - Alivia Mourot, Upper Arlington, OH
2016 - Isabelle Thelen, Traverse City, MI
2015 - Cesar Colon, Trujillo Alto, Puerto Rico
2014 - Jane Sherfey, Gahanna, OH
2013 - Christopher Ahn, Houston, TX
2012 - Gianfranco Trovato, Pittsburgh, PA
2011 - Alistair Delchamps, Birmingham, AL
2010 - Adam Marcinkowski, Troy, NY

Prior to 2010, an essay was not a requirement for the scholarship. The winners for those years were:

2009 - Aaron Hutchinson, Bexley, OH
2008 - Josh Grill, Pittsburgh, PA
2007 - Benjamin Jagger, Pittsburgh, PA
2006 - Joseph T. Streb, Upper Arlington, OH

Please note that scholarship winners have consistently asked us not to share their essays. The committee is also not able to provide advice or suggestions on ways to win. The essay remains the single biggest criteria in determining the winner.