Ascalon Sword Festival

What's new? The pandemic has changed the world. We were not imune to that. Since 2004 we have been a part of the Arnold Sports Festival, the largest multi-sport festival in the world. We were the last fencing tournament to be held in 2020 before the world shut down. Ohio shut down three days after the Arnold.

Since then, everyone's schedules have shifted. USA Fencing hosts a youth/veteran NAC on Arnold weekend. The NCAA Midwest Conference championships are the same weekend. In order to provide the level of tournament that people expect from the Arnold, we moved it a week later to March 11-13, 2022. We're not part of the Arnold Sports Festival this year, but the Arnold Fencing Classic continues.

We decided now is a good time to brand a new identity, the Ascalon Sword Festival which features the Arnold Fencing Classic. It may come to add more sword arts. We plan to.

What Does This Mean to Me?

It means the same great medals. The same great events.
But it does mean an easier time to park and cheaper hotels. It means a new venue.
We will be at
Kasich Hall, Ohio Expo Center
717 E. 17th Avenue
Columbus, OH 43211


Depending on the history you read, Ascalon was the sword or lance St. George used to kill the dragon. This idea is represented in our logo. We, naturally, choose to view it as a sword. It is a Holy sword. Plus, we simply couldn't fit a lance into the venue.

St. George is the patron saint of England, Georgia (the country), Moscow, Aragon (Spain) and others. The coat of arms of Moscow, Russia, Imperial Russia bears St. George killing the dragon.

His statues stand around the world. (Thanks for the free advertising!)

What About the Public?

We actively try to get the public to come. It's free entry to watch. We will have try fencing throughout the weekend so you can see what you think. We have a prize fight on Saturday night as well as combat in full armor. What could be better? An entire hall of fencing. It's our dream. Come dream with us.